Depth Map

A depth map, in the realm of computer graphics and imaging, is a 2D image that contains information about the distance of objects from the viewpoint. It serves as a crucial component in creating depth and spatial awareness in visual content, allowing for the realistic simulation of three-dimensional scenes. Depth maps are utilized in various applications, including 3D rendering, virtual reality, and image-based effects.

The creation of a depth map involves assigning depth values to each pixel in the image based on its distance from the viewer. These depth values can then be used to control the focus, positioning, and occlusion of objects in a scene during rendering. In virtual reality, depth maps contribute to the creation of a convincing sense of depth and perspective, enhancing the immersive experience for users. Additionally, depth maps play a key role in achieving visual effects such as depth-of-field simulation and parallax scrolling in animations and video games.