Animation Outsourcing: A Guide for Success

What is Animation Outsourcing?

Animation outsourcing involves assigning parts of an animation project to external entities, including individuals or companies. Various aspects of the animation pipeline, such as animated commercial videos, series, character design, video game trailers, and game assets, can be outsourced through work contracts.

Reasons for Increased Animation Outsourcing

The animation industry’s global production market is estimated to reach $50-70 billion, with a significant surge in outsourcing contracts. Factors contributing to the rise in outsourcing include the adoption of remote work during the COVID-19 pandemic and the increasing demand for animation content. Notable examples of outsourcing in animation history include popular TV shows like “The Simpsons” and “Futurama.”

Benefits of Animation Outsourcing

  1. Cost Reduction: Outsourcing allows studios to lower production costs, making animation projects more economically viable.
  2. Increased Production Rate: Outsourcing accelerates production timelines, enabling studios to meet high demand and undertake more projects.
  3. Global Talent Pool: Accessing a diverse talent pool from different regions enhances creativity and brings fresh perspectives to animation projects.
  4. Flexibility: Studios can choose to outsource specific stages of the animation pipeline, providing flexibility in project management.

Finding an Animation Studio for Outsourcing

  1. Define Your Needs: Clearly outline which aspects of the animation pipeline you want to outsource, such as pre-production, production, or post-production.
  2. Research Potential Studios: Explore animation studios online, reviewing their portfolios, client testimonials, and past projects.
  3. Evaluate Expertise: Assess the studio’s expertise in the specific areas you plan to outsource, ensuring they have the skills required for your project.
  4. Consider Budget: Discuss budget considerations with potential outsourcing partners and ensure transparency regarding costs.
  5. Communication and Collaboration: Choose a studio with effective communication channels, collaborative processes, and a willingness to involve you in the project’s progress.
  6. Quality Assurance: Inquire about the studio’s quality assurance processes, including revisions and feedback loops to ensure the final product meets your standards.

Common Animation Outsourcing Services

3D Animation Outsourcing

Realistic and life-like animation. Utilizes techniques for adding depth. Facilitates easy adjustments to scenes. Check out portfolios of 3D animation studios for a comprehensive view of their work.

2D Animation Outsourcing

Versatile medium used in TV shows, indie games, films, advertisements, apps, and websites. Enduring presence in various entertainment and media forms. Explore the potential of 2D animation in diverse creative projects.

Game Assets Outsourcing

Creation of technically advanced and high-graphic game assets. Collaborative approach among game studios to cope with the demand. Production of visually stunning and game-ready assets.

Game Trailer Outsourcing

Crafting visually appealing and engaging video game trailers. Enables game developers to showcase their creations effectively. Trailer houses and companies assist in creating compelling trailers for games.

Character Design Outsourcing

Accelerates customer interaction with a brand through unique characters. Realization of the need for animated commercial videos for effective communication. Drive more leads and engage the target audience through animated characters.

Commercial Animation Outsourcing

Animated ads or commercial videos proven to engage audiences effectively. Scientifically supported impact on audience minds and emotions. Enhances product visibility and communication, leading to increased conversion rates.

5 Easy Ways to Find the Perfect Studio for Your Project

1. Google Search

Utilize Google search to identify top-ranking sites. Type the desired service and explore first-page results. Consider adding location for local options. Evaluate portfolios to align with your project style. Assess content marketing indicators such as blogs.

2. Directories

Use directories to access a curated list of animation studios. Review criteria-based listings and verify studio information. Check studio pages for details on animation type, price range, style, and services. Explore reviews and testimonials from previous clients. Leverage filters to refine search based on specific KPIs.

3. Freelancing Websites

Visit freelancing websites to discover talent. Explore profiles and project history on platforms like Guru. Assess the rough price range for different animation services. Consider studios and freelancers with positive reviews.

4. Social Media

Check social media accounts of animation studios. Evaluate content marketing and public relations practices. Assess engagement, advertising campaigns, and press coverage. Observe consistency and quality of posts. Gain insights into the studio’s online presence and community interaction.

5. Press Coverage and Animation Media

Explore animation magazines and authoritative industry sources. Read featured posts and interviews with animation studio CEOs. Understand the company’s vision, mission, and client preferences. Gain in-depth insights into studio operations and reputation. Leverage animation media for authentic reviews and recommendations.


Animation outsourcing is crucial for managing high-demand projects. Finding a studio aligned with your style and budget is essential. Utilize diverse channels, including online searches, directories, freelancing platforms, social media, and animation media. Assess portfolios, reviews, and online presence to make informed decisions. Prioritize communication and collaboration for successful animation outsourcing.


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